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AKKA Architects

AKKA Architects, founded in 2012 by Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, is an architecture and design studio specialized in designing spaces that promote creativity, collaboration, and development. The expertise is based on developing interventions such as furniture design, interior renovation, and architectural renovation. In order to turn them in new constructions for urban design and regional planning.


The BNSP is the Professional Association of Dutch Urbanists and Planners. It is a platform for meeting, developing, networking, educating and supporting spatial professionals. The BNSP unites urban and planning companies, governmental organizations, individual members, young professionals and students. Activities are for example: professional meetings and excursions, lectures and masterclasses, pilots, an annual congres and partnerships with other professional societies.

The BNSP is represented in our organization by Bert Harmelink of Reuring Advies and Elma van Beek of Bureau Maris.

Reuring advies is a senior consultant specialized in spatial development, project management and urban planning. Reuring Advies approaches projects in progress primarily from the themes of ‘participation process’ and ‘sustainability’.

The core business of Bureau Maris is urban and landscape design. Having experts in city planning, landscape architecture and civil engineering, Bureau Maris works for governments as well as property developers. Besides design, their consultancy includes technology and management, and is always focused on plans which are sustainable, creative and realistic.

IAA Urban Design & Landscape

IAA Urban Design & Landscape Dynamic, young and venturous firm for urban design, planning. and landscape. Part of IAA architects, a full-service agency with offices in Enschede and Amsterdam. Their strength lies in complex, knowledge-intensive tasks, with care, education, reuse, and sustainability. The team consists of 75 dedicated and enthusiastic employees that design and advice in the fields of architecture, interior design, and urban design & landscape.


IMOSS is a design and consultancy firm specialized in urban planning, landscape and the public domain. They offer effective solutions for spatial challenges to both government/cities and businesses. Creative and realistic. IMOSS develops spatial plans in conjunction with a strategy on realization or development. With their pragmatic approach, they will help you realize your ambitions. They work quickly, carefully and accurately.


NOHNIK is a multidisciplinary design agency for architecture and landscape architecture. Their projects represent a unique combination of multiple design backgrounds which form the basis for integral solutions in complex projects. They are motivated by the intrinsic qualities of a place, its users and inhabitants. This provides realistic tailor made solutions on multiple scale levels. In their projects, a sustainable approach forms the base for every successful result.


OTO works on the cities and landscapes of tomorrow. The working method of OTO is characterized by a combination of experimenting, pragmatics, research and design. Their work varies from concrete spatial designs to design research and spatial strategy for cities and landscapes. OTO provides solutions on climate adaptation, energy transition, ecology, circular economy, health and sustainable mobility.


OverMorgen is a consultancy firm that works on a sustainable living environment with an integrated approach on area development and the energy transition. They provide process-, project- and program- management in combination with data analysis, sustainability, financial management, co-creation and participation.

Posad Maxwan

Posad Maxwan are urban designers who work to create healthy, sustainable, smart cities. They achieve this through research, strategy, design and implementation. At PosadMaxwan they work with clients who are open to exploring new pathways. Posad Maxwan helps them by showing them what a clean, healthy city looks like and what they can do today to move toward that goal.

Space & Matter

Space&Matter is a studio for spatial design and concept development. With an integrated design approach they design and develop buildings and neighbourhoods that foster close knit communities and have a positive impact on our planet. Space&Matter creates urban development strategies; make online platforms; and even initiate new business ventures. They focus on improving the built environment and promoting a cohesive society.

Advisory Board

Stefano Andreani, MA

Stefano Andreani is a licensed architect; head of INVIVIA Europe at INVIVIA Inc.; lecturer in architecture and a research associate at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University; and project manager of the Responsive Environments and Artifacts LAB (REAL) Harvard. Stefano is a pioneer in the application of outdoor eye-tracking and will advise us on the outdoor field test. More information

Prof. Jordan Lacey

Asc. Prof. Jordan Lacey, RMIT University, Melbourne is specialized in the role of sound in public space and will advise us on the influence of ambient noise in the outdoor tests. More information

Prof. Justin Hollander and Ann Sussman, RA

Justin Hollander, PhD, AICP (Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning) & lecturer Ann Sussman of Tufts University Boston are the authors of the groundbreaking study Cognitive Architecture (2015). They will reflect on the eye tracking data. More information

Prof. Davide Ruzzon

Davide Ruzzon is a practicing architect, professor and scientific director of the Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design (NAAD) Master’s programme at the University of Venice; co-director of the new architecture magazine Intertwining; and co-ordinator of events and publications on the subject of architecture and neuroscience. Davide is also a member of the Academy of Neuro-Architecture and actively involved in the Architecture Biennale in Venice. Davide Ruzzon will strengthen our advisory board, in particular in setting up our new neuro architecture graduation track and eye-tracking research. More information

Prof. Colin Ellard

Prof. dr. Colin Ellard is professor of cognitive neuroscience and the director of the Urban Realities Laboratory at Waterloo University. He has published peer-reviewed articles on visual perception, environmental psychology, cognitive mapping, virtual reality and neuroscience in North America and Europe (see, for example Streets with no game). He has presented his work at international conferences on cognitive science, neuroscience, environmental graphic design, architecture, and planning. Colin is also a member of the Council of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. He reflects on the test setup and proper use of the eye-tracking technology (viewed from a neurological perspective) More information

Prof. Winnie Daamen Winnie Daamen is an associate professor in the chair of Traffic Operations and Management of the Department of Transport & Planning. The focus of her work is on active modes, that is, pedestrian and cycling traffic. The core of her expertise is in data collection and data analysis, in which she will reflect on our work. More information

Prof. Marco te Brömmelstroet

Prof. dr. Marco te Brömmelstroet holds the position of Associate Professor in Urban Planning. He is specialized in qualitative research methods and the perception of space by users and is a valuable source of information for our qualitative research methods (observations and interviews). More information

Representation of Amsterdam Clients of Spatial projects

City of Amsterdam

City of Amsterdam, Directie Wonen; The department Wonen (Living) of the city of Amsterdam focuses on housing and urban renewal. They work in close collaboration with the cities governance committees and realization. The department organizes meetings on the topics of housing and urban renewal, where they facilitate thinking about new ideas, experimenting and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

City of Amsterdam – innovation department:

How do we make the right choices for Amsterdam? Which techniques offer solutions that benefit the residents the most? And how do we ensure that new solutions are put into practice as quickly as possible and can be further developed? The innovation department of the city of Amsterdam is constantly exploring the impact of technology for the city and its organisation

Woningstichting Eigen Haard

Housing corporation Eigen Haard owns ca. 57.000 homes in the Amsterdam region. 90% of those are affordable for people with low income. The other 10% for people with a middle income. Eigen Haard ensures that as many people with lower incomes as possible can live affordably in the Amsterdam region, in good quality homes and in pleasant neighbourhoods.

AM property development

Conceiving and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments is what drives AM. As a committed area developer, we put social challenges at the heart of our development process. To this end, we focus on the themes ‘Bold Sustainability’, ‘Inclusive City’, ‘Healthy Urban Living and Working’, ‘City and Area Creation’ and ‘Happy Living’. Working together with public authorities, investors, housing corporations, social organisations, residents and other property users, this results in exceptional and high-quality areas for living, working, shopping and leisure. In this way, AM, part of the Royal Bam Group, provides quality of space and quality of life.

Professional magazine Ruimte+Wonen

Housing and Spatial Planning are more urgent than ever and demand new ideas and concepts that work. It is the mission of knowledge network Ruimte en Wonen to conduct an honest and inspiring professional debate with professionals and policy makers based on relevant and correct information.